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Consumers, What Does Privacy Label Mean To You?

When you see a Privacy Label logo in a prominent location on an eCommerce website it means the operator of that site has expressed sincere interest in your online privacy. I means that that organization's terms and conditions as well as online privacy information has been fully disclosed to you, the consumer, prior to purchase. It means they will make every effort possible to preserve the sanctity of your personal information online.

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Businesses, What Does Privacy Label Do For You?

Show your customers you mean business when it comes to their online privacy. Displaying the Privacy Label logo on your website makes a statement to your visitors, one that distinctly puts you ahead of your competitors. By showing concern for your visitors' online privacy your brand not only builds consumer trust but is a proven way to increase sales.

Consumers Are 30% More Likely To Purchase From Trusted Vendors

As the saying goes “On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.”, and with millions of online businesses competing for the same marketshare a statement of trust goes a long way.Case studies have shown that eCommerce sites displaying security and trust promoting labels have between five and thirty percent better performance in terms of both purchase rates and order volume.

Proving to your customers that you value their online privacy puts you ahead of the pack, a result that can dramatically effect your profitability.

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Merchants, How Can Privacy Label Help Your Retailers?

Employing a Privacy Label logo on your shopping cart system or payment gateway shows customers you are concerned with their online privacy and treatment of personal data. As a merchant you have an obligation, both to your ecommerce customers and to their customers, that every step possible is taken to provide a safe and comfortable transaction. Adding the Privacy Label logo to your gateway will not only boost your retailer sales, it will boost consumer morale.

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How Privacy Label Works
  • A website enrolls in our program.
  • The website fully discloses their policy.
  • Privacy Label code is copied to their site.
  • Privacy Label monitors for policy changes.
  • Consumers know their privacy is protected.
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Why Privacy Label Works
  • The Privacy Label brand builds trust.
  • Consumers shop where they feel safe.
  • Our logo identifies quality sites.
  • Happy customers means more sales.
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Consumer Privacy
  • Privacy Label monitors policy changes.
  • Sites bearing our logo respect your privacy.
  • Routine evaluations for our vendors.
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Business Privacy Policies
  • Immediate boost in your sales.
  • Increased consumer trust in your site.
  • Positive business energy for your company.
  • Quick enrollement and approval.
  • Inexpensive compared to value added.
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Merchant Privacy Policies
  • Increased good-faith with your customers.
  • Boost in your retailer sales volume.
  • Distinguishes your merchant from others.
  • Expedited enrollement for merchants.
  • Cost effective compared to other services.
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